Experience New Orleans

Experience all the sights, sounds, and flavors of the Big Easy.

Head to the French Quarter for a beignet and cafe au lait at the Cafe Du Monde, try on elaborate Carnival masks at a local shop, or tour the Garden District from aboard a St. Charles line streetcar. Sit down to a gourmet meal at one of the city’s many fine-dining restaurants, or have a po’ boy while enjoying live jazz in a Bourbon Street club.

New Orleans Dining

There’s no place like New Orleans when it comes to delicious food. Dining in New Orleans is truly an experience in itself, and it is worth a visit just to enjoy the taste of New Orleans. The city’s many excellent restaurants make any trip worthwhile: spicy seafood, blackened redfish, shrimp rémoulade, Cajun delicacies, pralines, beignets, cafe au lait…

These restaurants are recommended by ASGA:

  • Liuzza’s – A Mid-City landmark since 1947, is only minutes from the French Quarter and Central Business District.The aroma is unmistakable as you walk in the door of the neighborhood bar and restaurant. This family operated restaurant is treasured by locals for its recipes of down-home Louisiana, Cajun, authentic Italian and seafood dishes. This is a place where locals of all descriptions, taxi drivers, businessmen on their lunch hour to tourists and conventioners, all come to try some real New Orleans/Italian hospitality.
  • Fisherman’s Cove Seafood Restaurant (Butch’s fave). Fisherman’s Cove is only minutes from the French Quarter and the ASGA conference hotel. This hole-in-the-wall is a local’s favorite with the famous swamp platter (crawfish, turtle soup, alligator bites, frog legs, and crawfish etouffee.
  • Mandina’s Restaurant – “Standouts among the appetizers are the greasy but yummy fried onion rings, the excellent tangy shrimp rémoulade, buttery liberally garlicked bread and the crawfish cakes. Soups are always fine as well, especially seafood gumbo and turtle soup au sherry. Then go for the wonderful red beans and rice with Italian sausage, the trout meunière, the grilled trout, or our favorite comfort food, the sweet Italian sausage and spaghetti combo — hardly innovative gourmet, but exactly the way we remember it from childhood.” – Frommer’s
  • Parkway Bakery & Tavern – “You won’t find any innovations here, just classic po’ boys (the falling-apart roast beef, and the sine non qua fried oyster have their dedicated fans, while we are believers in the hot sausage and cheese topped with roast beef debris), and many a local beloved brand name like Barq’s and Zapp’s.” – Frommer’s

Here are additional listings of dining options in New Orleans:

New Orleans Sites

There’s so much more to the French Quarter than Bourbon Street and so much more to New Orleans than the French Quarter. While visiting, be sure to see other landmarks and attractions in New Orleans.

  • The Aquarium of the Americas – “An integral part of the Audubon Institute, the Aquarium of the Americas has been expanded to the delight of native New Orleanians and tourists alike.” – About.com
  • The Audubon Zoo – “The Audubon Zoo in New Orleans is one of the top rated zoos in the country with a fine collection of exotic animals in nature habitats. Some of the best are the Louisiana Swamp Exhibit, the Sea Lions, the World of Primates, Jaguar Jungle, the White Tigers, the Rhinos, the Dragon’s Lair, and Monkey Hill.” – About.com
  • The French Quarter – “Bourbon Street is in the French Quarter, true. But, it is only one street in the French Quarter. So, when you visit, go beyond Bourbon Street. If you do you will find great shopping, music, food, and hotels. The French Quarter is also a vibrant neighborhood with its own school. Most importantly, the French Quarter is a living history museum not to be missed.” – About.com
  • The Garden District – “Walking through the Garden District with its gracious mansions and Magnolia trees is a great way to spend a spring day. Built by the Americans who moved into New Orleans after the Louisiana Purchase, this neighborhood is 10 minutes, but worlds apart, from the French Quarter.” – About.com
  • The Superdome – “The Louisiana Superdome is an integral part of the landscape of New Orleans. For years, the Superdome has stood as a symbol of the city.” – About.com
  • The Warehouse/Arts District – “The Warehouse/Arts District, a short walk from the French Quarter, is the home of many art galleries, museums and trendy restaurants.” – About.com

Here are additional listings of New Orleans sites and landmarks: